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Friday, July 28, 2006

Dog Behavior Training | Natural Pet Health

Dog Behavior Training Natural Pet Health

First Day with Puppy

The excitement of picking your dog is over. You are arriving home and the family is rushing out of the car and into the house with the new puppy. As you look at the cute eager little face you ask yourself one question. Am I really ready for this?

What to Feed This New Addition.

Before you get into the dog behavior training there is one thing you need to address. You will have to decide on what exactly this little puppy is going to eat. You will want to choose a high quality diet. You need to do a little research and make some basic decisions. Your first decision is what type of dog food you will choose.

1. Canned Dog Food
2. Dried Dog Food

A portion of people choose to feed their dog canned dog food because they think it is more like real food. It retains about 75% of the water that is naturally in the meat and vegetables. This could mean that your puppy will need to drink less water. Be sure to add some hard dog biscuits to the diet that are suitable for puppies which will help to keep their teeth clean.

Nowadays the most popular choice seems to be dried dog food. Try to buy the best quality food you can afford. Think about it this way, if you were only going to eat one thing all your life it had better be good for you. Dried dog food is now a scientific blend of all the nutrients your dog will need but the better ones have less filler and the puppies need a lot of protein to grow.

For the first few days you might want to give the new puppy that same food that they were receiving at the kennel you bought them from. After that you can slowly start mixing in your new choice, using more each time until you have 100% of the new food. You may as well start with some dog behavior training now by not leaving the food on the floor all day. Only put the food out when you decide and take it away after they have eaten. Do it often as they have to learn that food is only available when you decide. This will not only make a great start to your dog behavior training but also get them used to good eating habits for good natural pet health.

Dog Behavior Training Natural Pet Health


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