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Monday, July 31, 2006

Dog Behavior Training | Natural Pet Health

Dog Behavior Training Natural Pet Health

The next thing to think about in your dog behavior training when your puppy comes home is that sleep time will come fast.

Hopefully you have thought ahead enough to buy a crate. Get your puppy started sleeping in the crate from the first night and it will eventually treat it as a safe place to stay. Make sure that the bottom has a soft blanket for the puppy to curl up in. Unfortunately if you think that's the end of it for the night, you are wrong. As you try to sleep you will be constantly woken by the sad little cries of a puppy missing its mother and siblings. They are used to lots of warmth and noise so it might be a good idea to add a hot water bottle under the blanket and to leave a radio or TV on for a while. Some people even leave a loud ticking clock near the cage to simulate the heart beat of the mother.

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Dog Behavior Training Natural Pet Health


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